June 2, 2015

Praiseworthy packaging: 3 hand-drawn designs that make me smile

Good design alone can brighten your day. Check out these three designs and see if you don’t crack a smile.

Hi I’m Skinny snack bag films

Hi I'm Skinny snack food packaging

Photo courtesy of equator

Product website: |  Designed by: Equator

I absolutely love the designs on these films. They are clean, but kinda funky in their hand-drawn deliciousness; practical in their information hierarchy but irreverently creative in the logo/brand name; and casual but conveying that, seriously, what’s inside is good for you. These are the perfect packagings for a healthy snack food and they make we want to try them all.


Burnt Sugar fudge

Burnt Sugar fudge packaging

Photo courtesy of

Burnt Sugar Sea Salt fudge packaging

Photo courtesy of

Burnt Sugar Ginger fudge packaging

Photo courtesy

Product website: | Designed by d-studio

This design firm contracted out each flavor to a different artist and the result is a creative, quirky and original design for each gable box. All package elements are hand-drawn and reinforce the handcrafted aspect of this unique fudge. I wish they were readily available in this country because I would keep each box as a work of art on my shelf.


Lindt® Hello My Name Is

Lindt Hello My Name Is Coffee Blast chocolate bar

Lindt Hell My Name Is Coffee Blast inside packaging

Lindt Hello My Name Is Sweet Popcorn chocolate stick

Product website:–1 | Designed by: I don’t know…

This fun chocolate line by Lindt, Hello My Name Is, is mainstream (I got these at Target) but achieves the look of a handcrafted chocolate with hand-drawn type and illustrative elements. With a design that’s all about the details, like the fun copy and naming system that’s different for every flavor, I think it really fits the market for nationally priced but uniquely flavored.

If you know who designed these, please comment below : )


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